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If you have any requirements that are not covered below, please contact us!

Tax Return

Partnership Tax Return

Partnership Tax Return

Company tax return

Company tax return

Relevant tax return
(CT600 or Partnership return)
Company House
Annual Return

(if relevant)
Monthly Fee Ballpark 1% of
sales, payable in
12 instalments
Annual Fee £150 £399 £999 £699 £1399 £599 £1199

Please note: fees quoted above are excluding VAT

Fixed fee

We believe that every client’s needs are unique and therefore, so is our fee. We are fiercely competitive but will not compromise on quality and whatever fee we agree, it will always be fixed for 12 months.

As explained in our values we believe strongly in being very transparent about what is being charged for and when. Wherever possible we offer fixed fees for a item of work rather than charging you for every minute of our time. As everyone’s circumstances are different please treat this section as a guide to the likely rates charged. Please feel free to get into contact for a formal quotation.

Hourly basis

We also charge on hourly basis for specific projects on your demand
1. Bookkeeping  £15 per hour
We provide bookkeeping service on client premises for all accounting software (e.g. Sage, Quickbooks, Xero, VT or Excel)
2. Annual accounts preparation or any other bespoke service
Get you annual accounts prepared or reviewed by one of our:

  • Qualified accountant for £60 per hour
  • By senior manager – £100 per hour
  • Prepared or reviewed by practice partner £150

Payment terms

We operate a fixed fee basis for most of our services so that clients know their fees in advance each year, and can settle these fees by a monthly or quarterly standing order arrangement.

There are of course additional or ad-hoc services you may need from time to time. We will always agree the price for these in advance and before providing them.
We would expect such services to be settled in full within 30 days of completing the work.